Milosz songs: for Voice and Piano


John Harbison's Milosz songs: for Voice and Piano set the poetry of Polish writer Czesław Miłosz.

The song cycle was given a preview performance at Songfest (Pepperdine University, California) in 2005. The premiere took place in 2006 with Dawn Upshaw and the New York Philharmonic.

The version for piano and voice omits four songs from the orchestral version.

Songs (Voice and Piano Version):
1. Prologue : from Lauda
2. What Once Was Great
3. So Little
4. When the Moon
5. On Old Women
6. Epilogue : from Winter
7. Post-epilogue : Rays of dazzling light


Orchestral Version:
I. Prologue: from Lauda
II. A Task
III. Encounter
IV. You Who Wronged
V. When the Moon
VI. O!
VII. What Once was Great
VIII. So Little
IX. An Old Woman
X. Epilogue: from Winter
XI. Post Epilogue: Rays of Dazzling Light

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