8 Songs of Translations of Latin & Greek


Eight Songs of Translations of Latin and Greek Poets: for Baritone and Piano sets English translations of the poetry of Glaucus, Antipater, Carphyllides, Sappho, Catullus, Martial and Claudius Claudianus.


"Three Greek epitaphs: An inscription by the sea" (text by E.A. Robinson from the Greek of Glaucus)
"Undying thirst" (text by Robert Bland, from the Greek of Antipater)
"A Happy Man" (text by E.A. Robinson, from the Greek of Carphyllides)
"Hesperus" (text by Lord Byron, from a fragment of Sappho)
"Lesbia railing" (text by Jonathan Swift, from the Latin of Catullus)
"Emotion" (text by Kirby Flower Smith, from the Latin of Martial)
"The lonely isle" (text by Howard Mumford Jones, from the Latin of Claudius Claudianus)

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