Great Memories


"Great Memories" is the fourth and final song of Elinor Remick Warren's song cycle Singing Earth. The song cycle sets the poetry of Carl Sandburg.

Great Memories
by Carl Sandburg

Sea sunsets, give us keepsakes.
Prairie gloamings, pay us for prayers.
Mountain clouds on bronze skies--
Give us great memories.
Let us have summer roses.
Let us have tawny harvest haze in pumpkin time.
Let us have springtime faces to toil for and play for.
Let us have the fun of booming winds on long waters.
Give us dreamy blue twilights--of winter evenings--to wrap us in a coat of dreaminess.
Moonlight, come down--shine down, moonlight--meet every bird cry and every song calling to a hard old earth, a sweet young earth.

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