George Hugnet


"George Hugnet" is the second song of Christopher Berg's Two Stein Songs, Op. 1, which sets two poems by Gertrude Stein.

George Hugnet
by Gertrude Stein

George and Genevieve Geronimo with a with whether they thought they were with whether.
Without their finding out. Without. Without their finding it out. With whether.
George whether they were about. With their finding their whether it finding it out whether with their finding about it out.
George with their finding it with out.
George whether their with their it whether.
Redoubt out with about.
With out whether it their whether with out doubt.
Azure can with out about.
It is welcome welcome thing.
George in are ring.
Lain away awake.
George in our ring.
George Genevieve Geronimo straightened it out without their finding it out.
Grammar makes George in our ring which Grammar make George in our ring.
Grammar is as disappointed not is as grammar is as disappointed.
Grammar is not as Grammar is as disappointed.
George is in our ring. Grammar is not is disappointed. In are ring.
George Genevieve in are ring.

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