Full Sail

“Full Sail” is the second song in Abel’s cycle The Dark-Eyed Chameleon, a work that deals with the events and aftermath of a shattered love affair. It recounts the heady intoxication of initial attraction and the ecstatic belief that “the beloved has appeared.” The music and singing roll out passionately, swiftly moving toward a near-breathless depiction of the partners as able to overcome any obstacle. At the end, however, a provocative remark pulls the plug, introducing a sense of uncertainty and foreboding. 


The audio recording provided in the audio playlist to the right features Jamie Chamberlin, soprano, and Victoria Kirsch, piano, and is from Mark Abel's album Terrain of the Heart. To listen, please click on the track name itself.

Your story, laced with tragedy.
A life tortured, unfulfilled.
How could I not respond?

You, blessed being,
won’t you walk down my path?
I have been waiting
here for so many years,
lonely, knife-edged,
the beloved has appeared,
“The Invitation” issued.

Flashing eyes, face of heaven, fertile mind
-- and you want me.
I am reborn, my suffering transfigured.
The sun shines brightly, corona of joy.
Our love pure and powerful,
our destinies locked together.

How did it happen, and so soon?
We need no logic, living as lovers do,
heeding a higher call: be devoted and vulnerable.
All seems right, most of the time.

Wait! Is this important?
Need I ask who you are?
I trust you will reveal.

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