Far Off I Hear a Lover's Flute


"Far Off I Hear a Lover's Flute" is the third song of Cadman's song cycle From the Land of Sky-Blue Water (Four American Indian Songs), Op. 45. The cycle sets traditional melodies of the Omaha tribe and text by poet Nelle Richmond Eberhart.

Far Off I Hear a Lover's Flute

Far Off I Hear a Lover's Flute
by Nelle Richmond Eberhart

Far off I hear a lover's flute
A-crying thro' the gloom;
Far off the golden waters flow
A-down their sandy flume.
I see the shrunken Mother Moon
Go forth to meet the Day,
While dim and white the dead ones walk
Upon the Spirit Way.

Why should I wake and walk tonight
When all the lodge is still?
Why should I watch the Ghostly Road,
So high and white and chill?
Why should I hate the crying flute
Which happy lovers play?
Ah! far and white my loved one walks
Along the Spirit Way!

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