Fair Springtide


"Fair Springtide" is the second song of Edward MacDowell's Three Songs, Op. 60.

Fair Springtide
by Edward MacDowell

Fair Springtide cometh once again -
Stirs the sap in lonely trees
To wake again the bitter joy of love -
That mortal eye ne'er sees,
The bitter joy of love -
Why waken those who sleep so sound -
Why cause again the tears to flow.
Ah, Springtide thou dost touch the quick
Of ev'ry creature here below.
Ah Springtide! Ah Springtide!
Why waken those who sleep so sound
And cause the tears to flow.
Yet though the tears be bitter-sweet,
They come like soothing Summer rain
And lo! the mournful desert heart
Grows green with love-lorn pain again.

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