"Eutychides" is the third song in Frank Lewin's Variations of Greek Themes.

The song features the number 12, prompted by references in the text. The music follows a rigorous twelve-note scheme, and two "chase" episodes juxtapose 7/8 and 5/8 rhythms. In keeping with the demands of this style, a piano cadenza avoids giving undue prominence to any one tone by impartially assigning pitches to each of the piano's 88.

Eutychides (Lucilius)
by Edwin Arlington Robinson

Eutychides, who wrote the songs,\t
Is going down where he belongs.\t
O you unhappy ones, beware:\t
Eutychides will soon be there!\t
For he is coming with twelve lyres,\t
And with more than twice twelve quires\t
Of the stuff that he has done\t
In the world from which he’s gone.\t
Ah, now must you know death indeed,\t
For he is coming with all speed;\t
And with Eutychides in Hell,\t
Where’s a poor tortured soul to dwell?

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