Empress of Night (op. 2, no. 3)


"Empress of Night" is the third song of Beach's Three Songs, Op. 2. Please refer to "Twilight", the first song of Op. 2, for further information.

Empress of Night
by Henry Harris Aubrey Beach

Out of the darkness,
Radiant with light,
Shineth her Brightness,
Empress of Night.

As granules of gold,
From her lofty height,
Or cataract bold
(Amazing sight!)

Falleth her jewels
On ev'ry side,
Lighting the joybells,
Of Christmastide.

Piercing the treeboughs
That wave in the breeze,
Painting their shadows
Among dead leaves;

Kissing the sea foam
That flies in the air,
When tossed from its home
In waves so fair;

Silv'ring all clouds
That darken her way,
As she lifts the shrouds,
Of breaking day.

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