Early in the Mornin'


"Early in the Mornin'" is the first song of David N. Baker's song cycle The Black Experience. The cycle sets the poetry of Mari Evans.

Even though the song cycle is out-of-print, "Early in the Mornin'" is published in the anthology Anthology of Art Songs by Black American Composers.

early in the mornin'
by Mari Evans

early in the mornin'
J. W. Brown
whippin' his woman
knockin' her
"answer my question if a you please"
how she gonna answer
down on her knees
groanin' "Buddy, Buddy.
wake up and go,
get L. C. and Marg'ret
he's a hurtin' me so."
Buddy went a-flyin'
down the stairs
brown pants over
his underwear
but L. C. and Marg'ret
wouldn't stir
said "Buddy we sympathize
with her...
but from what you say
as far as we can see
if she'd answer his question
he'd let her be."
she never did answer
as far as we could hear
but the sight of that child
in his underwear
his head bent down
his shoes untied
and all comin' back alone
down the empty mall
was sad.
More than I could bear.
Makes you wonder if anybody cares

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