The Dream


"The Dream" is the third song in Steven Mark Kohn's song cycle Lullabies and Dreams, which sets texts adapted from the poetry of James Whitcomb Riley.

The Dream
by James Whitcomb Riley

I dreamed I was a spider, a big fat hungry spider.
And my limbs were dangled as I watched three wretched flies tangled in my web.
And their buzzing wings were strangled.

And I mocked them like a demon who delights to be a demon for the sake of sin alone!
And I wove my laces ‘round their terror-stricken faces till I muffled every groan!

And I experienced…a pleasure so intoxicating, that I drank it in like wine!
And my soul engages that all through the ages, no other spider has felt so divine.

And my victims were dying. They said “we are dying!”
Their earthly course had been run.
And the scene was so impressing, that I breathed a special blessing,
and devoured them one by one.

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