Constancy (op. 58, no. 1)


"Constancy" the first song in Edward MacDowell's Three Songs, Op. 58. MacDowell wrote the text himself.

by Edward MacDowell

Old lilac bushes thin and grey
In wistful longing sigh
Dishevelled roses blush in vain;
No mistress lingers by.
The tansy creeps e'en to the door
Through garden tangles sweet
Gaunt apple trees their wizened fruit,
Strew at the master's feet;
And lo! a cricket bravely chirps
Throughout the lonely house,
But those who lov'd there long ago;
They sleep too deep to 'rouse.
Yet keep, O keep your trust to heart,
'Twill never last now long:
For house and ye shall pass away,
Yea! even as my song, my song.

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