"Confession" is the second song in Clara Kathleen Rogers' song set Songs, Op. 20 from 1884. The text is by an unidentified author.


He kissed me,
I knew t'was wrong,
For he was neither kith nor kin.
Must one do penance very long
For such a tiny little sin?

He pressed my hand,
That was not right,
Why will men have such wicked ways?
It was not for a moment quite;
But in it there were days and days.

There's mischief in the moon, I know,
I'm positive I saw it wink;
When I requested him to go,
I meant it too, I think.

Yet after all,
I'm not to blame,
He took the kiss, he took the kiss.
I do think men
Are born without a sense of shame.

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder when he'll come again?

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