Candles in the Wilderness


Composer's note:

"'Candles in the Wilderness,' a song arrangement of a choral interlude from the opera The Dreamers, is described by librettist Philip Littell: 'We see the Sonoma Valley settled. Those who stay... those who are lost.. those who move on; the lights of human habitation lit and extinguished...' This arrangement was done for baritone Thomas Hampson, who premiered it in June, 1998."

Candles in the Wilderness
by Philip Littell

Candles in the wilderness, / Here on earth
Stars in the sky. / We are as candles:
What a night! / Dwindling,
\t\t / Guttering...
Near or far, / Out we go.
Candle light or star light, / As the years go by, my darling,
Both are bright. / To the last\t
\t\t\t / My light I'll show.
Light my way,
Star and / As long as I have you
Candle. / To light me,
Candle burn. / You to
\t\t\t/ Give me me light
\t\t\t/ As the years go by
\t\t\t/ My darling,
Set the candle / To the last
In the window. / My light I'll show.
Home and heaven
Both are sure.
\t\t\t/ Darkened window,
New neighbor, / Brighter sky.
Light your lamp! / The countless stars.
More light, new houses, / You and I.
Lights on earth:
Towns and cities,
What a sight!
As many as the stars in heaven,
Here on earth as heaven...
What a sight tonight!

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