The third song in the cycle Blue Mountain Ballads, “Cabin” reveals a good-versus-evil morality tale. Bowles uses subtle tempo changes and juxtaposition of major and minor keys to represent the two sides.


The audio recording, provided in the audio player to the right, features Thomas Hampson, baritone, and Wolfram Rieger, piano. To listen, please click on the track name itself. You can download a recording of Blue Mountain Ballads for free through the Instant Encore website with the download code: THSOA2009.

by Tennessee Williams

The cabin was cozy
And hollyhocks grew
Bright by the door
Till his whisper crept through.

The sun on the sill
Was yellow and warm
Till she lifted the latch
For a man or a storm.

Now the cabin falls
To the winter wind
And the walls cave in
Where they kissed and sinned.

And the long white rain
Sweeps clean the room
Like a white-haired witch
With a long straw broom!

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