Betrayed, Op. 9, no. 4


"Betrayed" sets a text of Lizette Woodworth Reese. Lang's Opus 9 songs also include the song "The Sky Ship" (no. 3), a setting of a poem by Frank Dempster Sherman.

The poem "Betrayed" was first published in Reese's first volume of poetry, A Branch of May of 1887.

By Lizette Woodworth Reese

She is false, O Death, she is fair!
Let me hide my head on thy knee;
Blind mine eyes, dull mine ears, O Death!
She hath broke my heart for me!

Give me a perfect dream;
Find me a rare, dim place;
But let not her voice come nigh,
And keep out her face--her face!

[Lang repeats some of the verses in her song.]

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