As the Gloaming Shadows Creep (op. 56, no. 4)


"As the Gloaming Shadows Creep" is the fourth song in Edward MacDowell's Four Songs, Op. 56. MacDowell wrote the text himself.

As the Gloaming Shadows Creep
by Edward MacDowell

As the gloaming shadows creep
Through the forest deep
Fra Nightingale sings sweet
Sings sweet through the forest deep
As through the trees the moonbeams sweep,
Lo! a maid with eager feet
Seeks in vain her love to greet.
Ah sweet, why moan, why moan and weep?
For aye the gloaming shadows creep
And hearts will cease to beat
Still Fra Nightingale sings sweet,
Sings sweet when love is deep.

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