Aria (To a Lady)


"Aria (To a Lady)" is the third song of Christopher Berg's song cycle Lincoln Letters, which sets five letters of Abraham Lincoln. Please contact Classical Vocal Reprints for publication information about this song cycle.

Mrs. M. J. Green Springfield, Ills.
My dear Madam. Sep. 22. 1860

Your kind congratulatory letter, of August, was received in due course---and should have been answered sooner. The truth is I have never corresponded much with ladies; and hence I postpone writing letters to them, as a business which I do not understand. I can only say now I thank you for the good opinion you express of me, fearing, at the same time, I may not be able to maintain it through life.

Yours very truly,
A. Lincoln

[The text of the song is exactly the same as the letter, beginning with "Your kind..."]

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