Ample make this Bed —


"Ample make this Bed —" is the second song of David Leisner's song cycle Confiding, which sets the poetry of women poets.

This cycle is available in versions for high voice and piano, medium voice and piano, and high voice and guitar.


The audio selection in the player to the right features Emily Albrink, soprano, and David Leisner, guitar. The recording is from a live performance in Purchase, NY in 2007. Used with the permission of the composer. To listen, please click on the track name itself.

Ample make this Bed — (poem 829)
by Emily Dickinson

Ample make this Bed —
Make this Bed with Awe —
In it wait till Judgment break
Excellent and Fair.

Be its Mattress straight —
Be its Pillow round —
Let no Sunrise' yellow noise
Interrupt this Ground —

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