Robert Strassburg

Robert Strassburg

1915 - 2003

Robert Strassburg was distinguished as a composer as well as musicologist, conductor, and music educator. He authored the biography Ernest Bloch: Voice in the Wilderness and had an interest in Jewish liturgical music. One of his most notable American songs is "Prayer of Columbus," which sets the poetry of Walt Whitman.

Photo: Ernest Bloch, Milken Archive of Jewish Music


"Robert Strassburg was born in New York, but spent a good part of his active musical life in the Los Angeles area. His educational pedigree is impressive. He studied with Stravinsky, Piston, and Hindemith, the last named at Tanglewood. From 1943 on, he served on the faculties of a number of music schools and universities. He also established and directed the Roy Harris Archives and published a catalog of Harris’s works. Strassburg’s activities as a composer have been nearly equally divided between sacred and secular works."

--Jerry Dubins, Fanfare

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