Clara Kathleen Rogers

Clara Kathleen Rogers

1844 - 1931

Clara Kathleen Rogers enjoyed a dual career, first as a successful opera and concert singer, and then as a prolific composer and vocal pedagogue.

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Born in England, Rogers' family moved to Germany when she was twelve, and, in 1857, she became the youngest person to ever enter the Leipzig Conservatory at the time. At the conservatory, she studied several instruments, as well as composition and voice.

Upon graduating from the conservatory at the age of sixteen, Rogers chose to pursue a career as an opera singer. She spent the next five years singing in Italy and England before moving to America in 1871 as part of an opera company. She continued to sing and tour in America until 1878 when she married Henry Munroe Rogers and settled in Boston.

Rogers' life in Boston remained rich artistically, though in a different way than when she was a singer. She became friends with prominent women composers like Amy Marcy Beach and Margaret Ruthven Lang, and her home became a center for musical gatherings.

Rogers eventually wrote about 100 songs, as well as several pedagogical books about the voice.

--Christie Finn

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