Zenobia Powell Perry

Zenobia Powell Perry

1908 - 2004
Zenobia Powell Perry's prolific song compositions include musical settings of Paul Laurence Dunbar, Claude McKay, Frank Horne, James Weldon Johnson, and others, as well as Spiritual and religious settings and songs setting her own texts.


Zenobia Powell Perry (1908-2004) was a fascinating and prolific American composer and pianist.  She wrote songs, piano pieces, chamber works, an opera, and music for orchestra and symphonic wind band. Of African-American and Creek Indian descent, her unique life story is about perseverance and determination—how to pursue your dreams, regardless of your race, gender, age, or economic background. It shows how individual strength, personal integrity, and courage, as well as self-expression through community involvement, determine how one person can make a difference in her family, community, and nation. 

‚Äč—African American Art Song Alliance 2017 Conference program booklet
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