Robert G. Patterson

Robert G. Patterson

1957 -
A resident of Memphis, Tennessee, Robert G. Patterson has set to music the poetry of Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, and Walt Whitman among others.  His song cycle American Pierrot won first prize n the NATS Art Song Competition in 2014.


Robert G. Patterson resides in Memphis, Tennessee. His music is infused with the popular rhythms and melodic fragments around him, and these provide source material for his personal voice. A student of George Crumb and Don Freund, he is a resident composer with the Luna Nova Ensemble and recent accomplishments include commissions from the International Horn Society, the One Coin Concert series in Osaka, Japan, and First Prize in the NATS Art Song Composition Award. In addition to his musical activities, Patterson also has been a professional software developer, and his interest in computers led him to become an expert in musical engraving using a computer. His Patterson Plug-Ins Collection for Finale software is a staple of composers and copyists worldwide.
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