Ethelbert Nevin

Ethelbert Nevin

1862 - 1901

Many of Ethelbert Nevin's approximately 85 songs were favorites of turn of the century opera singers, especially the songs "The Rosary" and "Nightingale's Song."

Photo: Ethelbert Nevin postage stamp, public domain


Born in Pittsburgh, Ethelbert Nevin was the son of a writer and a pianist. The first grand piano carried over the Allegheny mountains was for his mother.

Nevinb began playing piano before age six and wrote his first musical composition at age 11. He had a career as both a virtuoso pianist and composer, settling at times in both Pittsburgh and Boston. After spending many years in Europe, Nevin gave piano recitals 1898 with the dancer Isadore Duncan in New York City. Duncan "illustrated in classic dances" the piano music of Nevin.

In addition to his 85 songs, Nevin composed 55 piano works, more than a dozen choral works, and other pieces, though no large scale works.

--Christie Finn Source: Deane L. Root's article in the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

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