Carrie Jacobs-Bond

Carrie Jacobs-Bond

1862 - 1946

An enterprising spirit, Carrie Jacobs-Bond formed her own publishing company to publish her music and achieved great success through her parlor and art songs.


Born in Wisconsin, Carrie Jacobs-Bond composed at a young age, and her only formal training came from with local teachers. At 18, she married E. J. Smith, and after their son was born, the two separated. She remarried to Frank Lewis Bond in 1889. Her first song was published in 1894, the same year that her husband died, and soon afterwards, she moved to Chicago and began her own publishing company, Carrie Jacobs-Bond & Son, due to frustration with established publishing companies.

In order to have her songs heard, Jacobs-Bond played and sang them herself, and baritone David Bispham sang an entire recital of her songs in Chicago in 1901. Of her 175 published songs, two became very popular: I Love You Truly (1901) and Perfect Day (1910). The publishing business continued throughout her lifetime, and after moving the company eight times, it finally settled in Hollywood. In 1927, Jacobs-Bond published her autobiography, The Roads of Melody, but stopped composing after her son's suicide in 1928.

--Christie Finn Source: New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

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